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The Meeting Minutes

18 July 1978 Meeting began promptly at 7:16. We again introduced ourselves in Lynnwood OMEGA’s meeting room and found 41 members attending. Tom Geer, who is recovering from a broken leg, sent word that he orders his APPLE hardware directly from APPLE in California and dispelled any contrary rumors that had been circulating. We’ve got […]

Apple Mash

Last issue I talked about the general specs of the PERSCI 277 eight inch floppy disk drive. This issue I want to discuss some of the uses for a floppy disc and why anyone would even want one. But first, let me digress. Since Apple has announced its own Disc II, why should I be […]

Apple Mash

COMPUTER COMPONENTS – formerly known as COMPUTER PLAYGROUND offers some large storage for Apple users in the form of PERSCI floppy drives.  This is the first in a series of articles about the “large” floppies available for the Apple ][ The drive is the PerSci Model 277 dual diskette drive.  this means it has two […]