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PCalc Now Available for Mini vMAC

Paul Pratt has announced the the PCalc app, A popular scientific calculator is now available to run on the Mini vMac emulator. The app can now be downloaded from the Gryphel Project website, home of the Mini vMac application. To download the App, go to the PCalc page on the Gryphel Project site at:https://www.gryphel.com/c/sw/math/pcalc/index.html

Mini vMac 3.3.5 Updated

From the Glyphel Project: 7 May 2017 Today’s Mini vMac 3.5.5 beta has three bug fixes. After emulating an ADD instruction, if the value of the X flag was needed later, but in between there was another instruction that set the other flags not including the X flag, the lazy evaluation of the X flag […]

Mini vMac LT Moves

Due to the closure of Apple’s Mobile.Me, Mini vMac LT’s website has relocated to its own domain.   The new website is at: http://mfort.net/ Mini vMac LT is a version of Mini vMac which supports serial connections in Local Talk mode, thus allowing usage of AppleTalk based games and utilities.   The forums have also been relocated […]

Mini vMac for Android Updated

The Android version of the Mini vMac Emulator has been updated to version 3.2.3, bringing it inline with the current version of the Mini vMac emulator for other platforms.  The emulator is available in two versions, Macintosh Plus which is a free download and the Macintosh II, a $1.99 download from the Andropid Marketplace.   You […]

Mini vMac LT Beta Released — Local Talk Support Included

Mike Fort has created a version of Mini vMac which has LocalTalk support included.  The support is through the serial port in Mini vMac. The beta of the release which is based  on the version 3.1.3 of Mini vMac, is now downloadable from Mike Fort’s website at: http://web.me.com/mikefort/Mini_vMac_LT/index.html Mike is also working on a gateway […]