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GS.Pacman Version 1.2 Released

The latest version of GS.Pacman has been released. Version 1.2 of GS.Pacman includes several game fixes as well as a new cheat mode with the 8 key on the keyboard. Peter Hirschberg has been quite busy with the updates but the game is coming along nicely. The changelog for version 1.2 shows the following changes: […]

GS Pacman Version 1.1 Released

A newer version of the Apple IIgs Pacman port by Peter Hirschberg is now available. GS.Pacman Version 1.1 has a change in the way that the Maze for the game is being allocated. Peter originally put the Maze buffer in high memory, however, this is no longer the case. GS.Pacman requires that you have more […]