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Interview With Sean Gugler (author of Candy Weaver and Chief Bug Wrangler of Ultima IV Remastered)

Sean Gugler is the talented programmer and game designer behind the highly-acclaimed Apple II puzzle game Candy Weaver as well as the much appreciated Ultima IV Remastered project to rid the world of troublesome crashes and bugs! Sean’s Candy Weaver rose to the top of the competition during Apple II Software Enthusiasts (A2SE) fall programming […]

Ultima IV Remastered 1.2.6 Released

Sean Bugler has released an updated version of the Ultima IV Remastered program. The version 1.2.6 release is a bug regression issue which apparently was introduced into the program in June 2021. The gold amount actually awarded to the player now matches the actual amount. You can download the latest version of Ultima IV Remastered […]