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Smalltalk/V Mac : A New Standard in Object Oriented Programming

Michael C. Storrie-Lombardi, M.D.MacTech QuarterlySummer 1989 – Page 90 Smalltalk, the original object oriented programming (OOP) environment, has finally arrived as a full-blown Macintosh implementation thanks to Digitalk, Inc., at the extraordinarily reasonable price of $199. Early signs point toward Smalltalk/V Mac introducing OOP and Macintosh personal programming to a large group of people currently […]

Prograph: A Turtle Geometric Introduction

by Jim Salmons and Timlynn BabitskyJFS ConsultingMacTech QuarterlySpring 1989 – Page 52 The Gunakara Sun Systems Limited of Halifax, Nova Scotia, has released a new programming language and development environment that brings together three distinctly different and powerful computer science methodologies — object-oriented, dataflow and visual programming. No one of these is overwhelming by itself, […]

How to Make Your Application “MultiFinder Aware” – A Primer on Software Cooperation

By Rick ThomasMacTech QuarterlySpring 1989 – Page 18 A key word in Apple’s vision for software development is “multi-tasking”. In the future, applications simply will not work with new versions of the Mac OS unless they are designed from the beginning to work cooperatively in a multi-application environment. Rumor has it that beginning with System […]

Original Letter to Potential Members

Apple PugetSound Program Library Exchange C/O Val J. Golding6708 39th Avenue SWSeattle, Wa. 98136(206) 937-6588 (Home)(206) 623-7966 (Office) February 9, 1978 Dear Apple Owner:The purpose of this letter is to form an Apple Computer users group, as indicated by the tentative name above, and to further the exchange of information and programs of interest to […]