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SHELL*SHOCK Tank Battle Game Released for the Apple ][

Virtual Apple ][ has published a new Apple ][ game.  SHELL*SHOCK is a high paced action tank battle game for the Apple ][ computer.   Originally written in 1985 by Peter Blum, Alan Burkle, and Jonathan Dunaisky, the game has been largely unseen until this month when it was resurrected by the original authors and sent […]

Freetools Association Releases Update for ActiveGS Plugin

The ActiveGS Plugin, a combination browser and standalone Apple II gs emulator has been updated.  Version 3.6.1307 was released yesterday in coordination with a server move and upgrade by the Free Tools Association.   You can download the new plugin from the ActiveGS support website at http://activegs.freetoolsassociation.com/ or through the Virtual Apple ][ website at http://www.virtualapple.org