New products from Ultimate Micro

Ultimate Micro just announced two new products soon to be available:

The IIgs ROM0 to ROM1 Adapter v2.0 is a redux of the v1 adapter where I used to Machine Pin Sockets stacked together to allow use of a standard ROM in the IIgs.  There is hidden benefit to these new v2 Adapters however.  Since they use a standard EEPROM, users can now do firmware development for the IIgs very simply.

SRAM SOJ to DIP Adapter and it is intended to allow ZIP-GSX users to more simply upgrade their board without the need for new sockets or crazy hacks likes bending pins of “skinny” SRAMs to solder in to the on-board sockets of the ZIP.  Or more correct, but costly options, like having me replace the sockets on the ZIP-GSX board.

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