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Steve Nickolas has posted a patch which fixes the Apple II game Cubit on the Laser 128 computer.  Cubit was a 1980’s clone of the popular Arcade game Q-Bert and was long the bain of those users who purchased the Video Technology produced Laser 128 Computer.  A single memory location jump was causing the game to stop mid-stream as explained by Steve below:

My experience has been Cu-bit breaks on a Laser due to firmware
incompatibilities because it jumps to an undocumented entry point.

It’s a one-byte patch.


78D8-   4C 76 40    JMP   $4076
78DB-   CA          DEX
78DC-   E0 00       CPX   #$00
78DE-   D0 EB       BNE   $78CB
78E0-   4C A4 76    JMP   $76A4
78E3-   20 33 FB    JSR   $FB33    <– derp!
78E6-   20 58 FC    JSR   $FC58
78E9-   A9 02       LDA   #$02
78EB-   20 C1 FB    JSR   $FBC1
78EE-   A0 00       LDY   #$00
78F0-   B9 AC 7A    LDA   $7AAC,Y

On the Laser, that JSR causes the code to go off into lala land.

The fix is to change that line to 20 2F FB (JSR $FB2F), which does the
right thing on both Apples and Lasers.

The patch:


The game is playable on the Virtual Apple II website at:

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