Apple-1 MicroSD Storage Card

From Claudio Parmigiani:

Dear friends, Antonino Porcino and I have the pleasure to share with you our latest project:

Apple-1 microSD Storage Card.

Main features:

  • Compatible with Originals/Replicas
  • Command Line Interface MS-DOS/Linux style
  • Fast loading/saving of INTEGER BASIC / ML / etc. programs
  • Full support of APPLESOFT LITE BASIC with dedicated load/save/menu
  • FAT32 filesystem, directories/subdirectories supported
  • Compatible with CFFA1/PRODOS naming system (CiderPress not needed)
  • Very large storage capacity
  • Built-in full RAM expansion, with possibility to replace the on-board RAM
  • Full implementation of the VIA 65C22, also available for your projects
  • 8 kB EEPROM + ATmega328P for a fast&friendly interface
  • Open source firmware for future updates and improvements

The link to the complete documentation is in the video description:! 🙂

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