New ReactiveMicro IIc Plus Universal Power Supply

I recently had the opportunity to beta test the new ReactiveMicro Apple IIc Plus Universal Power Supply, and it’s a beauty!
The Apple IIc Plus was the last version of the already popular portable version of the Apple II. It featured a 4 MHz processor, expandable memory, internal 3.5 floppy drive, and new serial connectors. But the best feature was the lack of “brick on a leash” that plagued the original //c. This gave this model the freedom and portability that people liked. A normal power cable connected directly to the back of the computer, and that’s it. All the power supply was contained inside a nice and small metal box.

The kit is very simple: a replacement board for the internal power supply metal box. It really is easy and safe, even for a non technical person to perform the replacement. You only need a Philips screwdriver, cutting pliers and maybe a flat screw to help remove the original board.

The PSU box gets lifted from place by pulling two plastic tabs that hold it in place. There’s only two screws holding the top of the metal box, hen removed it reveals the board. Two other screws hold the board to the bottom, after removing them just pull the board out carefully. It’s a little tight, but comes out after all.
Then you just need to cut the power wires from the PSU. It comes with a nice connector that allows to insert the cable to metal slots, making it easy and convenient.

After that is a matter of inserting the board, it is an exact match, replace the screws and put the top metal and you’ll be set!

This kit is specially good for people that use their IIc Plus overseas, remember this computer was never sold outside the US therefore there was no need for different power support.

You will find the Universal IIc Plus PSU a strong, reliable and modern replacement, and like all ReactiveMicro products will give your retro gear another 30 years of perfect performance.

The Universal PSU will be available at the usual ReactiveMicro site.








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I'm an apple //c fanatic, born in Mexico but living in sunny Miami, FL, the perfect place for retrobrite! I like restoring computers to bring them back to their old glory. Also like to combine new technology with vintage hardware to give new uses to them.