A2Server Released by Ivanrucker

Ivan Drucker has released his Apple ][ Server, a linux based setup which allows Apple //e’s with workstation cards and Apple IIgs’s that are network capable to connect.  The file server is offered in a complete, ready to go setup that is downloadable from Ivan’s website.

A2Sever allows users to boot ProDOS 8 or GS/OS over the network after uploading the media from your Mac or Windows based machines.  According to Ivan, the real gist of the A2Server is that it is A2SERVER is comprised of Netatalk 2.1.6, running on Ubuntu Server 11.10, inside an Oracle VirtualBox 4.1.8 virtual machine, plus various scripts I wrote and utilities from others to make everything smooth.”

To download the server and the complete documentation, go to Ivan’s website at:


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