ActiveGS Plugin 3.3.303 Available for Download

The latest version of the FreeToolsAssociation’s ActiveGS plugin is now available for download and installation.  The new plugin includes a number of improvements and is now more in tune with the mobile versions of the application.  Items fix or improved include:

  • * [osx] Fix browser crash at plugin startup (in some special occasion)
  • + [ios] External keyboard support on iPad (still fuzzy due to a bug in the iOS SDK!)
  • + [ios] Added option menu to control runtime parameters (speed, framerate, …)
  • + [ios] Added spinning loader when thumbnails are being downloaded
  • * [ios] Fix paddle button detection (cf. dig dug)
  • + [ios] Added “Zoom Lock” option (to prevent the zoom from interfering with the inputs)
  • + [ios] 60hz refresh on iPad and iPhone4 : scrollings are now smooth!
  • + [ios] Emulator screen is refreshed even during zooming
  • + [ios] tweak the zoom command in order to be able to easily return to default view
  • + [ios] FTA Database updated to 1.12
  • * [ios] Fixed: list could be corrupted after an update
  • + added “sendkey” commmand to simulate keyboard entries : ^ctrl; ^alt; ^option; ^reset
  • * Removed memory leaks in XML parsing
  • + Added savestate status in “runtime” command
  • + Added “defaultOption” command to restore the emulator to default options
  • + Added vbl count of the latest savestate
  • * Discard save state on disk configuration change (to maintain the emulator integrity)
  • * Fix some XML Parsing issue
  • * Memory limit restored to 2MB to run the MegaDemo!
  • + [win32] Switched to QueryPerformanceTimer for better timing accuracy
  • + [osx] Using synchronous refresh when possible for smoother animation
  • + [ios] Implemented Update Mechanism in list management (deleting former versions in Cache)
  • + Added “pauseresume” command to toggle emulator state accordingly
  • + [win32] nicer error message when multiple instances are running
  • * Fix possible crashes when multiple instances have been run

ActiveGS is a multi-platform, multi-browser emulator written by Oliver Goguel of the FTA.  You can download the plugin from the FTA’s ActiveGS website at:

To try out the latest version of the program, head on over to Virtual Apple ][ where it is implemented in full at:

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