Update: Apple II Desktop Disassembly No Longer Available

Joshua Bell, creator of the online version of the Applesoft and Logo interpreters and curator of, has a new project.  The project, with full sources on GitHub, is a complete disassembly of the program known as Apple II Desktop or MouseDesk by Version Soft.

According to the Apple II Desktop repository readme,

The goal of this project is to disassemble/reverse-engineer the suite with an eye towards understanding how it functions, and eventually fixing bugs and adding functionality.

While, Joshua has made sure to express that this work is definitely a “Work in Progress”, he has done a lot with it and has an eye towards actually rebuilding it and perhaps patching bugs eventually in the currently available versions.

For more information about the Apple II Desktop Disassembly, check out the GitHub page at:

Update 10 Sep 2019: Due to the fact that someone is taking the code and work that Joshua Bell, Michael Guidero and others performed and attempting to sell it as their own, the new Apple II Desktop package and source code is temporarily unavailable.  The person who took the code is attempting to sell the package  for 24$ when the source was available to everyone for free due to the cooperative nature of the project. 

There are copies of the archives floating around in some state but the current one has been moved to private.

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