Apple II Desktop Updated

The Apple II Desktop has been updated. Version 1.2 Alpha 48 includes a ton of updates. The program is now available in eight languages. Updated features include:


  • Added Sample.Media folder with some samples of various file types.
  • Improved appearance of keyboard shortcuts in buttons.
  • Improve appearance of ()^ glyphs in system font.


  • Improve error message for full volume directories.
  • Show prompt when double-clicking a binary file, instead of just ignoring.

Disk Copy

  • Show disks as “DOS 3.3” rather than “Dos 3.3” in the device list.
  • Simplify overwrite confirmation dialog.

Desk Accessories

  • New DA: CD Remote – controls audio playback on an AppleCD SC.
  • Moved Screen Dump out of menu to Extras directory.
  • Calculator: Use regional decimal separator (based on language).
  • System Speed: Fix keyboard shortcuts in French localization.
  • Matrix: Prevent lockup at exit on some hardware configurations.

You can download the program and the source code from the Apple II Desktop Github page at:

More information and documentation is available on the main Apple II Desktop page is at:

You can try out the Apple II Desktop in your browser by clicking here

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