Apple II Game Server 3.1 now Avaialble for Download


The Latest version of Brendan Robert’s Apple // Game Server  is now available from the Apple // Game Server Sourceforge website.  Of particular note with version 3.1 of Apple // Game Server is the requirement of Java 6 on machines using the Apple // Game Server progam.

The Apple // Game Server allows the user to send floppies directly to the Apple II computer over a serial connection, eliminating the need for floppies to play games on an original Apple II series computer.   Initially designed for the Apple //c, Apple // Game Server now works on all Apple II series computers.  A working serial connection between your computer and the Apple II computer is required.

Features included in Apple // Game Server version 3.1 are as follows:

+ Better and more reliable startup bootstrap method.  Rock solid now, and super-fast!
+ Abandoned Java 5 support to cut download size in half.  You must have Java 6 or OpenJDK 6 or better to use this program now, sorry.
+ Added more screenshots for games.
+ Better graphics dithering using Floyd-Steinberg dithering, now screenshots look a little better.
+ Readme file has been updated with more relevant instructions and troubleshooting tips.
+ Example test programs included to demonstrate how to roll your own image conversion.  They’re example programs, not full-out applications so bear that in mind.  A better conversion program will be made later on, just not today.

Work is continuing on the Apple // Game Server and possible future improvements include:

+ Actual UI for converting image files into various apple formats.
+ ZIP file support to cut down footprint further.
+ Online help feature to provide keyboard hints.
+ About Box, brag page, credits, greets, whatever.  Maybe a hidden “FU” page dedicated to Sculley.  Haven’t really given it much thought yet.
+ Improved HGR dithering logic for more accurate conversions.
+ Prodos support, and better RWTS support for cracked games.  (Hey, ]HR I could use some help on that! 😉
+ Online-based software library that is auto-updated and supports a local data set as well (so you could have user-defined disks and also an online catalog).  This might be a long while though…

To download version 3.1, go to the Sourceforge website at:



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