Apple Source : Apple ][ is country’s best seller

The Apple ][ is country’s best seller?  This is what Phil Roybal, Apple Computer’s marketing manager expressed to us when we asked him recently.  Apple’s new Shuggart mini-floppy has now been officially announced at an unbelievably low $495.  The Delievery is scheduled to commence in lat June.  This drop of $200 was enough to influence our decision to buy.

The Applesoft II ROM board will be available at $100 for an introductory period only, running through July 31st, at which time the retail price will become $200.  Better get yours quickly!.

Apple has announced price reductions in 16K Apple ][‘s from $1445 to $1195 and and 16K chip sets from $500 to $300.

We were fortunate enough to be able to see a pre-release copy of Apple’s new editor-assembler, written by Gary Shannon and Randy Wiggington.  The program is tentatively slated for a fall release.  Randy describes it as the most comprehensive editor-assembler ever produced, bar none and says it will even outperform IBM’s.

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