AppleCommander 1.4.0 Has Been Released

For those of you who have suffered long with the old version of Apple Commander, your cries have been answered. AppleCommander 1.4.0, which allows users to manipulate Apple II Disk images, has now been released.   According to the new GitHub page, changes in the new package include:

  • We migrated from SourceForge to GitHub. This updates the boot code to point that out.
  • AppleCommander would hang in an infinite loop if a directory wrapped in on itself. Thanks to @Lisias!
  • Fixed a filtering issue on Linux and Mac. Thanks to @iKarith!
  • Fixed last block bug. Thanks to @martinhaye!
  • Updated the GUI build process to create a single JAR per platform. There are now specific JAR files for Mac, Linux, and Windows. ac, as usual, remains a cross-platform utility.
  • Fixed a minor defect in the OzDOS and UniDOS format mechanism where formatting one volume could wipe the other volume out. Format disk 1 and also wipe out disk 2.
  • Adding support for AppleSingle in the ac tool with the -as flag. This is to support changes in CC65. See ticket #20.
  • Deprecating the -cc65 flag and replacing with -dos.
  • Externalized the reusable ShrinkItArchive.
  • Note for Mac users: When using the GUI, SWT requires -XstartOnFirstThread like this: java -XstartOnFirstThread -jar AppleCommander-macosx-1.4.0.jar

AppleCommander is currently available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS and is available as a free download.  For more information or to download the latest release for your system, check out the AppleCommander GitHub page at:

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