CFFA 3000 Run # 5 Now in Production

The CFFA 3000 card Run # 5 is now in progress.  The CFFA 3000 card, produced by R&D Automation LLC is an Apple II series card which allows users to use Compact Flash or USB thumb drives in their machines as a mass storage device.  According to the R&D Automation website,

Great news! Today we verified that 4 CFFA3000 “first-article” units off the assembly line function perfectly in two Apple IIgs computers. The assembler is now in the process of building the remaining 996 units which will take about 4 weeks. We are currently working to get everything ready to open for pre-orders sometime in mid to late February.

For more information about the CFFA 3000 card or to order them when they come available, go to:

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