Ciderpress V.4.0.3 Released

Andy McFadden has announced the official release of Ciderpress version 4.0.3.   According to the official Ciderpress release page, the update includes the following changes:

This is a minor update. Bug fixes and features since v4.0.2:

  • Changed the behavior of file extraction so that file extensions are never added unless “add file extension” is checked. Previously, files whose contents were converted for use in Windows always had the file extension added.
  • Added support for MouseText and inverse text in AppleWorks 5 WP docs. MouseText can be converted to similar Unicode symbols or ASCII.
  • Fixed a bug that caused assertion failures on volumes with partitions larger than 4GB.

A Win32 installer binary for WinXP and later is attached. For older versions of CiderPress, which will run on systems dating back to Win98, visit

You can download the package and the source from the following links:


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