Key Clicker Routine

If you have a newer Apple with the silent keyboard, Don Williams has written a short and sweet machine language routine to solve your problem.

0300:  48              PHA
0301 : A9 20        LDA #$20
0303: 8D 30 CO   STA $C030
0306: 20 A8 FC    JSR $FCA8
0309: 8D 30 CO   STA $C030
030C: 68              PLA
030D: 4C 1B FD   JMP $FDIB
0038: 00 03

Once you store the address ($0300) in location $38 and hit return, your keys will click merrily away until you hit reset. To restart the routine, reenter the address.

•A minor modification of this routine will give you a slow list (with tones) feature. Change the JMP and 030D to FOFD and store the address in $36. The value stored at $0302 may be increased for a slower list.

Loadable Program Follows:


0300: 48 A9 20 8D 30 C0 20 A8

0307: FC 8D 30 C0 68 4C 1B FD

0038: 00 03


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