Memory Map – Apple II with Applesoft BASIC Loaded

———————– —————————————-
0.1FF Program work space; not available to user.
200.2FF Keyboard character buffer.
300.3FF Available to user for short machine language programs.
400.7FF Screen display area for text or color graphics.
800. 2FFF APPLESOFT BASIC compiler. (Cassette Tape Version)
800. XXX User Program (ROM version – A2B0009X installed) where XXX is maximum available RAM memory
2000.3FFF High Resolution Graphics Display page 1. May be used by Ror-1 (A2B0009X) version of App1esoft II only.
3000. XXX User program (Cassette Tape Version) and variables where XXX is maximum available RAM memory to be used by APPLESOFT. This is either total system RAM memory or less if the user is reserving part of high memory for machine language routines.
4000.5FFF High resolution graphics display page 2.
C000.CFFF Hardware I/O Addresses.
D000.0FFF Future ROM expansion
D000.F7FF Applesoft II ROM version with select switch “.oNIi.
E000.F7FF Apple Integer BASIC
F800.FFFF Apple System Monitor
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