New Apple II Game — Oubliette

Daniel Henderson has given the Apple II community the latest Apple II game. Oubliette is a simple yet effective game for the Apple II which puts the user in the position of trying to work their way through seven levels of a dungeon, collecting the prize in each level.

According to the author, “Ok… It basically a medieval themed puzzle game. The knight is trapped in a dungeon (or oubliette) you and has to work out how to get to the exit in each level. But beware! Things are not always as they seem and there are new secrets in every level.”

About the game:

The game itself comes pre-configured with A, Z, N, and M set as the control keys for the game, however, it does allow for user customization of the control keys.

When asked about what inspired him to write the game, Daniel said “I wrote the whole thing in Applesoft Basic because I love it using shape tables and data arrays. I am a firm believer that you can do anything in Basic and I like to push the boundaries of that theory.”

Daniel used an authentic Apple IIe and a mouse to develope the game, which according to him, “is especially good for drawing the Hi-Res screens.” He did all of the screens using 816 paint and with help from Tom porter, added full Mockingboard quality sounds

Playing the game:

We booted the game and began playing immediately with no real instructions of how to play. One caveat of the game, that is not unusual for Apple II games in the old days, is the requirement for the Caps Lock to be turned on. However, once past this, the game was easy to understand and easy to play.

Play of the game was a bit painful at times due to the fact that the transporters are not exactly straight forward. The transporters sometime surprise you and transport you to an area that is not expected at all.

We played through two levels, enjoying every minute of it. For those users looking for a new game to play or to give the kids, Oubliette is the game for you.

You can download the game disk from the A.P.P.L.E. server at:

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