OpenEmulator Version 1.0 Released

Marc Ressl has announce the immediate availability of his Apple emulator, OpenEmulator version 1.0.  This is the first release version of the program and is available for Mac OS 10.6 and 10.7.  Included in the latest version are the following updates:

* The Apple-1 emulations are working. It is possible to emulate a stock Apple-1, a Briel Replica-1 and a Achatz A-ONE. Every emulation respects the memory maps and features of respective systems.
* There are many virtual monitors that can be plugged in an Apple-1 emulation: the Apple Monitor III (with high phosphor persistence), the Apple Monitor II, a monochrome broadcast monitor, and a composite broadcast monitor. The broadcast monitors allow fine tuning of the video rendering.
* OpenEmulator is most probably the first emulator featuring a fully functional Apple Cassette Interface Card (ACI). The ACI can be plugged into any Apple-1 slot, and allows sending and receiving data to the host audio system.
* OpenEmulator is definitely the first emulator with a CFFA1 expansion card emulation. This card interfaces CompactFlash memory cards with Apple-1 computers. It can be used in this emulation to move files much more quickly than with the cassette interface.
* The audio recorder is capable of storing the sound output to a WAV file, and can play back any of the following formats: WAV, AIFF, CAF, AU, OGG, FLAC.
* OpenEmulator allows to connect devices dynamically to an emulation. Just open the Hardware Library, and drag virtual devices to the corresponding port.
* OpenEmulator features an advanced video rendering system, using GPU shaders to implement advanced monitor emulation.
* OpenEmulator also makes it easy to change emulations internally. Just edit the XML file and reconnect/reconfigure the software components that make up an emulation.

You can download the program for free at:

Many improvements have been made over the past couple of years to the emulator and the goal is to include as many of the Apple platforms in the program as possible.  It currently supports the Apple-1 completely, including modern equipment.  If you like the program, you are encouraged to give a donation to help Marc to continue to improve the program.

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