Second Episode of Open Apple Podcast Available

Mike Maginnis, curator of the Apple II Scans website,  announced the availability of the second edition of Open Apple, the podcast with he and Ken Gagne.  Join them as they delve into their blast from the past and their favorite software from yesteryear.

According to the releases on CSA2, “This time, Mike and Ken are joined by Ivan Drucker: two-time  KansasFest alumnus, Juiced.GS staff writer, and Mac consultant based out of New York City. News this month includes a look forward to  Vintage Computer Festival (VCF) East 7.0 by two of its alumni, an  Apple-1 expansion card for the Apple II, and controlling Apple II  emulators via an iOS VNC; reviews of our favorite Beagle Bros  programming utilities; the exorbitant prices Apple II hardware and  software are fetching on eBay; and new iterations of our favorite  adventure, role-playing, and text-adventure games.”

For more information or to listen or subscribe to the Open Apple podcast, check out their website at:

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