Source code to Apple II game Lamb Chops released

Brian Picchi, the curator of the Tanru Nomad Computer Museum and author of the 2013 Apple II game Lamb Chops, has released his source code to the public.  According to his posting,

“With the release of the new Assembly Lines book, I thought I’d share the source code to Lamb Chops which borrows almost entirely from concepts covered in that book. I wrote it in November of 2013 when I was first learning 6502 assembly language so it may be helpful to those new to assembly. My only warning is that since it was my first assembly program, expect a fair amount of sloppy code. Also, the graphics were made through shape tables that I drew using Beagle Bros’ Apple Mechanic. This isn’t ideal for smooth, fast animations if that is what you need.”

The game and the source code for Lamb Chops is available from the Tanru Nomad Computer Museum website at:

You can also play the game online at the Virtual Apple II website at:

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