Source Code to TAXMAN to be Released


The source code to Taxman, one of the more popular Apple II games in the early 1980’s has been announced as being released very soon.   Hailed as the best Pac-Man clone available, Taxman plays nearly identical to the original Pac-Man.

The original game was so accurate in detail, it drew the ire of the lawyers at Atari.  The game was a complete remake of Pac-Man right down to the animations which run between every few levels.

Brian Fitzgerald wrote the program in 1981 and the source code was recently discovered on a floppy disk in the archives of Rebecca Heineman.

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 10.30.03 PM

According to Rebecca:

“It was a rare find to dig up my personal copy of the Taxman source code, and an even rarer find in that every data sector was intact. This 26 year old floppy did its job and kept safe this source that I am able to share with you!”

The source code will be posted soon according to Rebecca, but until then, you can play Taxman online at Virtual Apple II:


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