Washington Apple Pi Apple /// DVD Now Public Domain

An announcement on the Apple II Scans website brought word that Dave Ottlani, creator of the Washington Apple PI Apple /// DVD, has made the entire collection public domain.   He released this collection “so that the information there can be freely accessed.

You can read the announcement in its entirety at:

You can download the .iso of the DVD from here:

The news release also included the corrected version of the corrupted file A3 and can be downloaded from here:–

Restricted Programs

From Volume 1 Number 2

by Val J. Golding
Certain copyrighted programs carry restrictions, in the REMarks lines or elsewhere that they may not be duplicated, reproduced or sold, and for good reason. We would. like to discourage from the.outset, the practice of duplicating. either on tape or by printouts, of any program that has such a restriction. A recent article indicated that the cost per Basic line of debugged software has risen to an all time high of $8. Selling these programs to the consumer, either directly, or through magazine and book publication, is the only way of recovering
those costs. We will not knowingly tolerate, or be a party to such practices.