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Signature GS

Seattle, Washington — July 8, 2019 — Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange (A.P.P.L.E.) has released a newly designed manual for “Signature GS” by Duilio Proni. Signature GS is a collection of Control Panels (CDEVs) that make your Apple IIGS easier and more fun to use by adding a Screen Blanker, a Desktop Pattern Editor, a […]

Operation Database Storm

by Don A. Hoyt II Alive Volume 1 Number 0January/February 1993 Even if thunder rumbles from your database reports thanks to their massive accumulations of accurate facts, your readers may respond with gaping yawns. After all, some people sleep better in a storm. It’s lightning that does the trick. To put lightning into your reports, […]

They’re All Alive

II Alive Volume 1 Number 0January/February 1983 WELCOME to the premiere issue of II Alive, the new publication that celebrates the Apple II. Unlike the articles in certain other supposedly Apple II publications, each and every article in II Alive is about getting more from your computer. The Apple II will always have the spotlight. […]