3rd Anniversary of Steve Jobs’ Passing


On this, the third anniversary of Steve Jobs passing, we take a look back at the man we knew or thought we knew.  Many of us had passing experiences with the one person who changed so much about the way we do business and run our personal lives.   Where would the world be without the iPhone or the iPad or the iPod.  These three items made our daily lives different in the way we enjoyed our music, our movies and our phone conversations and chats.  It also changed the way that social media pursued the end user.

For me personally, the last time I saw Steve was in December 2002 in person.  Even at that time, he looked a bit grey and ashen as he delivered his keynote for Mac Word Expo 2002 in Tokyo.   The introduction of the iMac received thunderous applause and the introduction of the iPod, iTunes and other goodies just really lit up the faces of the people who attended the conference.

But alas, 12 years later we are marking his passing and even those in charge of his now monolithic company pay homage, with CEO Tim Cook writing to Employees this past week; ”


Sunday will mark the third anniversary of Steve’s passing. I’m sure that many of you will be thinking of him on that day, as I know I will.

I hope you’ll take a moment to appreciate the many ways Steve made our world better. Children learn in new ways thanks to the products he dreamed up. The most creative people on earth use them to compose symphonies and pop songs, and write everything from novels to poetry to text messages. Steve’s life’s work produced the canvas on which artists now create masterpieces.

Steve’s vision extended far beyond the years he was alive, and the values on which he built Apple will always be with us. Many of the ideas and projects we’re working on today got started after he died, but his influence on them — and on all of us — is unmistakeable.

Enjoy your weekend, and thanks for helping carry Steve’s legacy into the future.

– Tim

As I think of Steve and his hard driving attitudes which people both loved and loathed, it is with a fondness for his vision that I say, “I wish he were still here but appreciate the time he was with us!”

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