Bytes From The Apple: Another Baseless Lawsuit for Apple Appears

Bytes from the Apple

Over the years of the computer revolution, we always knew one fact.  48K or 64K or RAM memory or Random Access Memory, was not ever exactly 48K or 64K.  When we bought our computer, we always expected and knew that we would be limited in what of that memory we could actually use.  The Disk Operating System would eat a good chunk as would the Basic Interpreter.

But now in this day an age where those not educated in computer systems, have access to machines that are basically computers in tiny retrospect, it suddenly becomes the expectation that a device will allow the user to have all of the allotment of the memory.  A new class action lawsuit is bringing this to light.  What these people need to realize is that you have to  put the Operating system somewhere and if you want to continue upgrading a machine the way that the iPhone upgrades, many of these updates will take some of this memory.

Apparently, some users, who purchase Apple’s lower end models of iPhone, are not happy that the OS is suddenly taking up to 23% of the devices’ memory.   However, this is not out of whack as far as historical perspective goes.  Many systems in the past would use up to half of the RAM for the OS and other related items.  But the lawsuit filed in US District Court in Northern California looks to take Apple to task over something that most engineering and computer folks already expect.

While Apple is being sued for being deceptive on a practice that is not unusual in any realm of the computing world, what is needed is an education campaign to teach users what happens when you put all these nice features on the phone or any other device.  They have to go some place and the most likely place they will go is the devices RAM which is easily updated and easily fixed if the update goes awry.  I cant imagine what would happen if everything had to be flash updated.  We would have the usual bricking and issues related to flash if we did.

As for this lawsuit, I would be highly surprised if any judge in any county of the world would allow this case to go past the preliminary stage, instead chalking it up as another frivolous lawsuit and one more reason the American Legal System needs some new laws preventing this kind of garbage.

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