Apple Event Rumored to Be in New York in January

There are currently several rumors floating around about a supposed event which Apple will be holding near the end of January.  Speculation is ripe that the even will be help in New York, site of the recently opened grand central station Apple Store.  Many sites are speculating on whether this is the release of the iPad 3 or an event scheduled to introduce a new iTV product, yet we have been doing a bit of research on this and have found that it is likely to be education related.

Recently the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced the advent of their new Online Learning Initiative or MITx.  This is not unlike that which MIT and Stanford have been doing for years with OpenCourseware, however, this time, participants will be allowed to test and receive certificates of completion of the courses.  It appears that Apple will attempt to capitalize on this with their own initiatives involving iTunes and the current setup of the available courseware. This is a logical extension of the current program and it is possible that Apple will even include their own testing system in order to best facilitate the usage of the MITx courses.

Another area that Apple is likely to announce some type of publishing system, not unlike that which Google announced this past month with Google Currents.  We have labeled this new system iPublisher for simplicity sakes but expect that it would be a system which implements similar style publishing to that which Google and Flipboard have implemented. We also are expecting that the iPublisher would likely be a full blown book and magazine publishing system which can be utilized by the general public. iPublisher would be integrated tightly with iTunes, ISBN Sales from Bowker and the Apple Book Store.

As the time draws near to the event, there is sure to be more rumors about hardware and software, however, the likelihood that hardware would be released is low being as Apple just released the iPhone 4S and would not likely undercut their sales unless another vendor has something vastly superior on the market.  The nearest thing to hardware we would see this month is an update to the Desktop systems or possibly a faster CPU based MacBook Pro.

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