Ron Wayne, Apple Co-Founder, Writes About Leaving Apple After 12 Days

Ron Wayne is probably the least well known Apple, Inc. Co-Founder of the three men who created the now behemoth company.   He had a 10% stake in the young company at it’s founding, however, he left the company, selling his stake for a total of $2300.   The media has reported that he lost potentially billions of dollars in his leaving, however, he does not see it that way.  According to Ron, “I didn’t lose out on billions of dollars. That’s a long stretch between 1976 and 2012. Apple went through a lot of hard times and many thought Apple would simply go out of business at various times in its maturity. I perhaps lost tens of millions of dollars.

The writing offers some good insight into what was going through his head at the time and the reality of the world in which Apple was created.  While the company is worth Billions today, there was a time where the company was nearly sold and several more times where it was nearly bankrupt.

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