Twitter Posts Chart of the Apple iPad Event Tweets

Every time Apple holds an event, twitter seems to struggle under the load of the tweets.  This time, twitter is showing us what the load of the tweets looks like during the event.  The chart shows that the announcement of the New iPad comes in a just under 10,000 tweets per minute while the big spikes hit at 10:33 am PST with the announcement of the LTE 4G and then the biggest spike at 10:41am PST with the announcment of the pricing.  The next time twitter spiked was at 11:21am PST with the announcement that the iPad 2 would cost just $399 for the 16gb model and then at 11:25 am PST with the close of the event.

One surprise is that there is barely a blip reached with the intro of the new Apple TV just about 10:12 am.  That part of the whole announcement was as if Apple didnt want anyone really to notice that it was actually being announced.

You can get a full size picture of the chart at:!/twittercomms/status/177875745119539200/photo/1/large

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