WWDC 2012 Sells out in 90 minutes

The 2012 rendition of the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference or WWDC sold out in less than 90 minutes this morning.  The conference which will be held from June 11th to June 15 as Muscone Center in San Francisco is an annual rite of passage for many developers.  Last year the conference sold out in twelve hours, however with the demand for information about Apple products growing at a similar rate as the demand for Apple products, the developers are all clamoring to get tickets to these Apple sponsored events.

Most developers this year will be left out though as Apple generally only accepts about 5500-6000 developers and has anywhere between 800 and 1000 Apple staff and engineers present for face to face questions about Apple’s products and their development issues.  The only way to get into the conference at this point is to garner one of the scholarships for students that Apple gives out to 150 deserving students.

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