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The Northern Spy — …By A Thousand Increments

The Northern Spy

by Rick Sutcliffe Technology News and Views Since 1983 November 2018 Apple’s latest iterations are anything but Halloween scary, much less insanely great. Rather they are mere steps along an already well-worn path of mediocrity–by dint of a loyal installed base temporarily insanely profitable in a strictly stock value-enhancing way, but not industry-leading in any […]

Two New Episodes of the Eaten by a Grue Podcast Posted

The “Eaten by a Grue” podcast, run by Kevin Savetz and Carrington Vanston, has announced the release of two new episodes of their popular Infocom based podcast. Two, yes TWO, new episodes of the #EatenByAGrue podcast are posted today, both recorded at @KansasFest #a2kfest #interactivefiction — Kevin Savetz (@KevinSavetz) August 7, 2018 The two […]