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Every month there seems to be some new toy which just absolutely must be had. For us in the Macintosh and Apple world, those toys have come from Apple Computer, Inc. for the most part. Good, Bad, or indifferent, we have always awaited the announcements from Apple concerning the latest little gadget or computer that has been run through the rumor mill. This month has been no exception and just to settle some of the hype, we have included a few of their items here in the Bytes from Apple which is usually dedicated to our internal A.P.P.L.E. products. However we felt that a couple of the items this month were worthy of a second glance.

The first thing that Apple did that might be of interest is the OS X update version 10.1.4. This update is supposed to fix a few bugs left over from previous updates as well as improve the networking, security, some device driver updates and a few others. This update is available for both OS X and the OS X Server environments. For the specifics on what to expect, you can check their web site at

Apple also released a new version of the Apple Power Mac Titanium G4 which is an 800 MHz wonder with a 1280 x 854 screen. This machine with its 60gb HDD and up to 1gb of memory capability will be all the machine you could ever hope for in a notebook. This notebook also has a 5-hour battery life which brings it in line with other long life notebooks available today.

For more on the new Powerbook, you can read web page at or the Data Sheet at
Apple also has finally listened to the users for once in their release of the new Apple DVI to ADC Adapter which allows the usage of the 23 inch display with the powerbook. This finally resolves one of the biggest complaints about the machine. (Obviously it would have been a bit better had they build it into the machine.

And finally this month, Apple has tapped once again into the educational market with the release of its “Designed for Education” eMac. The eMac boasts the G4 with a 17” display in a bubble form which looks somewhat like a re-designed G3 iMac. Parting from the current trend of flat panel displays, this machine has a flat CRT display which allows up to 1280 x 960 resolution. This machine is a nice little machine yet the only drawback which we could find is the fact that the machine is limited to either the CD-Drive or the DVD-Rom/CD-RW. The superdrive which is available for the iMac wont be found on this menu.

With the new machine, Apple is also pushing the wireless AirPort. This continues their trend of looking towards the Bluetooth and 802.11 protocol. For more on the new machine you can check their web page at
As for us here at A.P.P.L.E., most of our items this month have been centered around the A.P.P.L.E. web site. We have finally completed the configuration of our BBS, “The A.P.P.L.E. Crate”. We have also added a few more features which will be of interest to those of you with items for sale. The Un-Classifieds section has been completed and is now online ready to accept your advertisements. This is free for all readers but is limited to Apple related items and services.

We have also completed our initial on-line product catalog although not all of the items in the catalog are available at this time. We are still in production on some of the items and they will be available later this summer. You can however at this time, order the items which are available and pay for them with your credit cards through the Paypal system. This system is external to A.P.P.L.E. and is secure.

Finally, we have been working on the new A.P.P.L.E. Links. There are two versions of this. There is the online version which allows you to add your Apple related web site to the listing as well as the offline book version which is shown partially in each Call-A.P.P.L.E. Magazine. The completed version will be available in PDF format later this summer to our paying members and will be updated on a monthly basis.

Once again, we come to the point in every article that must eventually come. The plea for help lines. If you find any item in our web site which needs to be corrected, fixed, or if you feel that you can add quality to the section, please feel free to contact our webmaster at

We are always looking for people to help with the website, write articles for Call-A.P.P.L.E. magazine and provide information for the community at large

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