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By A.P.P.L.E. Staff

This month, we are back to full steam on our production and our setup.  Our staff are finally back in place and we are attempting to make up for some lost time here.   Getting back to our normal production schedule has been a bit problematic but thankfully we are heading in the right direction as we produce this issue.

There have been several items of interest this month from A.P.P.L.E. including the back issues also have been set up for publishing.  We will get our Fall and Winter issues from last year up for download as soon as our directorship checks them for accuracy.

The A2GS-L01 Laptop project team has been going strong and the laptop is expected to be in working form sometime in March with the prototypes of the machine being on display later this spring.  Production models will be available for ordering, according to Bill  once the cases have been designed and any final engineering issues have been cleared up.

Obviously, this project is being anticipated by a great number of people and the parts we are seeing put into the machine make it  a must have item for the Summer of 2010.  The stereo sounds, no moving parts, high memory capacity, and the coolness of the case are just some of the items that are going to knock peoples socks off when they see the machines.  Be sure and see it at KFest 2010 if you want to check it out before purchasing one.

One side note occurred this past month with the introduction of the Virtual Apple ][ sister site, Virtual Atari.  While not Apple ][ related, we still feel it is worth mentioning.   The new site has over 550 Atari games all playable online.

If you have any ideas of items that should be added or of games that you would like to see, check out the Virtual Apple ][ twitter account or their support BBS.


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