Bytes from the Apple

Bytes from the Apple

The BIG NEWS for this issue is APPLESOFT WORKSHOP is here! The cost is S6.41 postpaid, and orders will be accepted, subject to the following conditions: This preliminary version will be updated several times over the next few months. Updates will be available at $2.00 postpaid. This version is disk-dependent in that it requires disk for certain routines, including Append. Every attempt has been made to debug it, but some may still remain. Please allow 30 days for delivery on this and the other new Library Paks.

Library Paks 3 and 4 are expected to be available by the time you read this. Pak 3 will contain Home Ecpak 1, Musicpak 1 and more games. Pak 4 wit contain a complete financial program, amortization, etc., along with the usual compliment of games and demos. Price is $5.41 each,

Elsewhere in the software world, Jim Hoyt of Apple Computer has asked us for permission to reprint Ron Aldrich’s CONVERT in Contact! We need your programs and articles for Call-APPLE and the library. Don’t be shy!

We’ve limited ourselves to this one page this month. Even with 20 pages, we ran out of space. Don’t miss Gene Jackson’s Checkbook modifications for disk in this issue, or the feature of Lo-res color assembly language routines .

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