Who Needs MacWorld Expo — Apple proves again why they dont.

At 10:00 am EST, Apple made a move that will send shock waves through the world of computing forever.   They opened their biggest and brightest store yet, right smack dab in the middle of Grand Central Station.  Long, the center piece of the New York existence, Grand Central serves more than a million people every day.

Even though MacWorld Expo 2002 in Tokyo boasted some of the highest numbers ever for an Apple based event, coming in at 198,000 attendees over a three day period, it is expected that more than 75,000 people will grace the halls of the Grand Central Station Apple Store today.

While these large numbers do not translate to pure sales always, it does translate to being in the sub-conscious mind and if only 75,000 people enter the store, how many more people actually see the store.   To put it bluntly out there for all the folks, this move alone will translate into millions of dollars in free advertising for Apple, without even having to place a single ad on TV.

One can look around and see that there are many stores that try to go glitzy, it is Apple, with it’s wide, open, clean look complete with lines and lines of Macs and iPad 2’s on the high table tops which garners the attention of many folks.  The ability to walk in, look at the items, actually feel it in ones hands, and use the product in line with what Steve Jobs had in mind, is what sells these folks and makes them tell their friends about the product.  The general trend is for stores to downsize in this day and age and eliinate product lines, however, Apple with their slim product lines and their clean, easy to use equipment, is making money faster than anyone else in the industry.

The other thing Apple is doing is garnering market share.   The general trend is that the first person to bring a product to market will garner 100% of the market share.  However, as is the case with the iPod and iPhone, many companies have tried to copy the styles, and have indeed captured some market share, but if you ever wanted to dominate a market, then the Grand Central Station Apple Store is the way to go.  It is loud, large, bold, and out there for all to see and will remain in the minds of the people walking by even if they never actually step into the store.  It is essentially the equivalent to having a MacWorld Expo every day of the year.

Thus, while many folks decried the fact that Apple left the MacWorld Expo arena and caused the cancellation of the Tokyo, Paris and Boston versions of the show, they have once again proved to the world that, Yes, Apple does have the right idea and No, they dont need MacWorld Expo or anything else that takes so much of their resources and efforts.

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