Two Retro Magazines Issue No 1 Being offered on EBAY by David Ahl

For those of us who grew up in the early computing world, there were a few magazines which we had to choose from to fill our computer dreams and to learn things that most of our colleagues had no idea about. They were Byte, Kilobaud, Personal Computing, and of course the David Ahl created Creative Computing.

David Ahl is well known for his books, BASIC Computer Games and More BASIC Computer Games from the 1970’s as well as dozens of other titles which were mainstays of the computing world. Now, as David cleans out his archives, he is putting up first issues of a number of these Magazines including his current two listings on eBay.

Personal Computing and Kilobaud #1 issues, January 1977. I recently listed both of them on eBay, which vintage computer enthusiasts might find of interest.

From David’s Facebook Posting

For those who do not know about these titles, Personal Computing was the magazine started by David Bunnell who had been previously working for MITS (Altair computers). David severed his ties with MITS and started his Personal Computing magazine in January 1977. 

Kilobaud was a magazine which was started by Wayne Green, the founder of Byte Magazine. However in December 1975, his wife took the magazine along with Carl Helmers leaving Wayne to start another magazine. Originally expected to be titled, KiloByte, a copyright held by the Virginia Green run Byte magazine forces Wayne to change the name of the magazine to Kilobaud. (For more on the whole battle, who won, and how this came out in the wash, check out the Winter 2018 issue of Call-A.P.P.L.E. Magazine — Wayne Green: Kilobaud and a History of Computer Publishing)

Both magazines are long out of print and these two rare copies of the first issues of the magazine are being sold by David All with 10% of the proceeds going to the charity, Beyond the Walls.

For more information, check out the auctions at:
Creative Computing # 1- 
Personal Computing V1N1-

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