An Apple1 Emulator That Doesn’t Suck

Daniel Loffgren has developed a new Apple-1 emulator that as he says “That Doesn’t Suck”. The Apple-1 emulator uses curses (Cursor Optimization) for output and can be transported cross platform.

The Apple-1 TDS also comes with a built in machine debugger allowing users a larger insight into their programs and the machine.

The Apple-1 TDS comes in two parts. The first is the main Apple-1 TDS system and the second is the 6502 virtual machine. Both sections will need to be downloaded in order for the emulator to function. Once you have downloaded both sections, copy the entire virtual machine directory contents into the v6502 directory of the Apple-1 TDS directory. Then enter the terminal and use the make command.

Note: Make will only function on the Apple if you agree to the X-Code license.

Once the Apple1 TDS has finished building, simply use the ./apple1 command to start the emulator.

You can download the Apple-1 TDS emulator from Github at:

The 6502 Virtual Machine can be downloaded from:

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