Applewin Apple II Emulator Updated

The Applewin Apple II Emulator has been updated.  Applewin version includes a few changes to the program including:

  • [Change #574] Add support for PAL/European or custom 8K video ROMs:
    • Added new command line switch: -videorom <file>
      • Replaces the video ROM for the Enhanced //e.
      • Support video ROM sizes of 4K, 8K and 16K (top 8K only).
      • NB. The rocker switch is set to the European video ROM position.
    • F10 (for //e or Enhanced //e models) emulates the PAL //e’s rocker switch (under the keyboard).
      • Use to toggle between European or US video ROM.
  • [Change #583] Added new switch: ‘-no-hook-alt’:
    • Used to prevent left/right ALT from emulating Open/Solid Apple keys.
    • For European keyboards where AltGr is needed to type keys like ‘[‘,’]’.

Applewin is an Apple II emulator which has been under development for more than 25 years and is primarily for the Microsoft Windows platform. It is currently maintained by Tom Charlesworth and will also run on the Mac using Bootcamp, Parallels, Crossover, Wine Bottler, or some other conversion system.

To download the latest version of the Applewin emulator, go to the Applewin releases page at:

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