Applesauce FDC Client Software Updated

The Applesauce Floppy Disk Controller client software has been updated to version 1.59.

New and Improved DIsk Image Format Support

  • Now supports loading KryoFlux Raw image files. While loading it also recognizes 5.25″ double-density disks that were improperly imaged at 360rpm and will automatically time-shift them to 300rpm to correct them.
  • Opening IMD (ImageDisk) files is now supported. Exporting IMD files also has several improvements.
  • Improved support for SCP (SuperCard Pro) disk images.
  • Improved support for DFI (DiscFerret) disk images.
  • Double-sided Victor 9000 disks stored in IMG files now use proper non-interleaved structure to match actual hardware. Side 1 follows Side 0.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Improved geometry handling throughout the app, especially when it comes to disks that have varying numbers of sectors per track. These are properly outputted in IMD, DMK, and IMG formats now.
  • Improved geometry detection for sectors in Fast Imager. It was previously possible for it to calculate too many sectors per track under certain circumstances.
  • Victor 9000 improved double-sided detection in Fast Imager.
  • File system support for Victor 9000 MS-DOS.
  • When viewing files on FAT12 disks, it now does better detection for text files in order to display them as pure text.
  • Diagnostics for PC drives will now engage the motor when checking the write protect status as some drives require.
  • Apple II DOS 3.2/3.3 has improved handling of disks with partially corrupted catalogs.
  • Fixes to some file system exporters to ensure that exported files retain the proper file extension.
  • Minor cleanup and text changes.

You can download the new software through he current version update feature or by downloading it from the Applesauce FDC website at:

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