Epple II Emulator Updated

The Epple II Emulator installer has been updated.   Epple II is an Apple II and II plus emulator written in C++ and is buildable to either Linux or Windows systems. 

The Epple II emulator was created and is maintained by Christopher Mosher. Some of the features of Epple II are:

  • Cycle-accurate: emulates all MOS 6502 CPU cycles including “phantom reads”
  • Video display is synchronized with CPU
  • NTSC video signal emulation: all video quirks emulated accurately
  • Revision 0 motherboard (optional)
  • Multiple display types: monitor and TV emulation
  • Can run full-screen or in a window
  • 640×480 resolution
  • Floating data bus, and video scanner
  • Cards: Disk ][, language, firmware, clock
  • Paddles (mouse emulates two paddles)
  • Cassette tape interface
  • PR#1 writes to standard output
  • Accurate keyboard emulation, including the repeat key
  • It even emulates the POWER light!

Epple II is free and has been released under the GPLv3 license and all source code is available for download.  For more information about the Epple II project, check out their webpage at:

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