Mini vMac 3.3.5 Updated

From the Glyphel Project:

7 May 2017

Today’s Mini vMac 3.5.5 beta has three bug fixes.

After emulating an ADD instruction, if the value of the X flag was needed later, but in between there was another instruction that set the other flags not including the X flag, the lazy evaluation of the X flag was incorrect. This broke signing with MacPGP. While fixing this, I put in some debugging code to allow disabling lazy flag evaluation, so one can see if this code is responsible for an observed bug.

In the Cocoa port, when dragging the Mini vMac window around by its title bar, the emulated cursor position was incorrect. (The emulation continues running during the drag in this port.)

In the Cocoa port, if the mouse is moved over the dock, the cursor is made visible by the operating system, but if the mouse was then moved directly back into the Mini vMac window (and there was nothing in between), the system cursor was not made invisible again, so the system cursor and the cursor of the emulated Macintosh were drawn on top of each other.

Some more software is now hosted by the Gryphel Project instead of only linked to: Glk Hugo, Billionth Birthday, The TimeKeeper, iTime, and NETime. And some software is now hosted by the Gryphel Project where the original web pages have disappeared: Coffee Timer.


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