Virtual II Emulator Updated

The Virtual II Apple II Emulator for Mac OS X has been updated. Gerard Putter, curator of the Virtual II emulator, has released version 9.2 of his shareware emulator application.

Changed and updates included in the version 9.2 release include:

  • The application is now compatible with (the public beta of) macOS 10.15 Catalina.
  • Fixed an issue in the Mockingboard card that could cause the sound quality to degrade after a few minutes of play.
  • Corrected a memory-related issue in the SCSI card; this improves general compatibility.
  • Note that when starting the app in Catalina, the main window appears with a default size and position. This is a side effect of a work-around necessary to avoid a crash.

FOr more information or to dowload the update, check out the Virtual II website at:

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