Virtual II version 10.1 Released – Adds M1 Support

The Virtual II Apple II Emulator has been updated. Version 10.1, released today by author Gerard Putter, adds support for Apple Inc.’s latest machines based on the Silicon M1 Chip. Further changes in the emulator include:

  • The application has native support for Intel and Apple Silicon.
  • Clicking an empty disk drive now shows a popup menu to insert or search for disk images.
  • When creating a blank diskette image the default format is now .woz version 2. You can select .dsk or .woz version 1 manually.
  • Solved an issue where the Mountain Clock card could be off by one hour during daylight saving time in a leap year.
  • Improved compatibility of the 6502 and 65c02 BCD arithmetic emulation. Invalid (non-BCD) values are now handled in a way consistent with the real hardware.
  • Fixed an issue in handling IRQ (interrupt request). This solves a problem when running a2osx, and improves general compatibility.
  • The OmniDisk drive, after the disk had been accessed, showed an incorrect picture while ejecting the disk. This has been fixed.
  • Solved a number of issues related to macOS 11 “Big Sur”.
  • Updated the application icon to match the “Big Sur” style.
  • Adjusted the behavior of empty slot ROM in the Apple //e, which improves compatibility with some low-level utilities.
  • Fixed several typos in the Help file and user interface.

You can download the latest version of the Virtual II Emulator from the Virtual II website at:

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