Virtual II Version 9.1 Released

The Virtual II emulator has been updated. The penultimate Apple II emulator for Mac OS X, Virtual II has a number of new features and changes including the following:

  • Disk drives can be configured with a “read only” switch. While the virtual machine runs, just flip the switch to “on” to prevent the disk from being modified.
  • The “Make All Drives Read-Only” entry in the Quick settings menu is a shortcut to protect all mounted disks in one go, essentially making the whole virtual machine read-only.
  • Added support for quarter-tracks on woz disk images. A game like Frogger (protected with the SpiraDisc copy protection) now runs.
  • Improved the woz2 implementation by taking the “optimal bit timing” into account. Disks protected with Infocom’s 18-sector format (such as Border Zone) now run as they should.
  • For woz diskette images added a new Spotlight key with the woz version number. The information is shown in the Finder’s Get Info window, or can be used with the mdfind command-line tool (for example: mdfind virtualii_md_wozversion == woz2).
  • Significantly improved the screen update performance, in particular on large high-resolution (retina) screens.
  • The built-in QuickLook module now takes care of drawing diskette icons in the Finder. As with the diskette’s QuickLook preview, the icons show labels listing the files on the disk image.
  • Added DOS 4.x compatibility to the Spotlight and Diskette QuickLook modules.
  • The application now rejects an attempt to insert a 3.5 inch diskette image (it crashed in the previous version).
  • The application silently ignored the (very rare) case where a modified diskette cannot be saved. This oversight has been fixed; the application now shows an error message.
  • Improved stability by solving a number of potential crashes.

A private development effort run by Gerard Putter, Virtual is the first emulator to completely add full support for both the WOZ 2.0 format in direct coordination with it’s creator, John Keoni Morris as well as DOS 4.1 support, to be released later this week.

Virtual II’s main features include the following abilities:

  • Emulates the Apple ][, ][+ and //e
  • Supports USB game pad and joystick
  • Store a running machine and resume later on
  • Full-screen mode
  • Works with popular disk image formats, such as dsk, 2mg, and woz
  • Epson FX-80 and Imagewriter II emulation
  • Many configurable peripheral cards
  • Realistic sound effects, including Mockingboard emulation
  • Convert original Apple II diskettes
  • Index your Apple II disk images
  • Debug Apple II programs

You can download the entire Virtual II package from the website at:

Virtual II is Shareware and costs $44.00 for the full license or $19.00 for the limited license. The limited license means that the emulator is essentially limited to 128K memory and no Epson printer support, while the full license has a 16mb limit on the memory emulation.

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