Gordon Brandly

A Picture of me from my Younger Slimmer Days

My name is Gordon Brandly and I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

I am married to a wonderful woman named Janet (who is a physiotherapist and past President of the Edmonton chapter of the Canadian Council of the Blind). I have two sisters: Doreen, who works for TransCanada Pipelines Limited in Calgary, and Carol who works in Japan as a translator.

I don’t have much time for hobbies, but one I do enjoy is Volkssport. Until recently I was the Newsletter Editor for my local club, the St. Albert Trekkers.

Who I am

I am a Electronics Engineering Technologist trained at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. I graduated with honours from the Electronics Engineering Technology program in 1978. My professional certification title is Certified Engineering Technologist, issued by ASET.

I am employed in the R&D department at Russell NDE Systems Inc. (formerly Russell Technologies, formerly Cyberscope Industries). You can see me hard at work for Russell in the photo here at the top of this page (back when I was somewhat younger and slimmer). I enjoy working with both electronics and computers, so my job at Russell is a excellent fit; I design and build prototypes of portable electronic instruments that usually contain a small embedded computer or two (33 in the last instrument!), and I get to write software and the occasional manual.

For the curious, here’s a short version of my résumé.

A Bit of History

In my single days I was free to obsess about my various hobbies, mainly (you guessed it) electronics and computers! Yes, I am a techno-geek, and darn proud of it!  Probably the closest I’ve come to wide-spread notoriety is through the various bits of shareware and freeware I’ve written for the CP/M operating system back in the ‘good old days’ of microcomputers. My most well-known piece of software was published in a magazine article I wrote for Dr. Dobb’s Journal, describing my 68000 Tiny Basic software. Creating this whole Web site originally was mainly an excuse to make a Web page for my 68000 Tiny Basic as a convenient distribution point (though the rest of my Web site is a great way to boost my ego!).