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Just thought I'd say Happy Holidays to everyone here as well as share an Applesauce update. I don't come on to Facebook much these days as I have been in the midst of a multi-month long move. But I have been knocking away on the Applesauce client whenever I have had the free chance. I just released version 1.41 today and 1.40 last week. Anyway, here are a list of the more important changes:

There are a tremendous number of fixes and improvements in the app. I have also added native support for Apple Silicon based machines.


  • Images saved in .WOZ format could sometimes have their track length marked incorrectly which would cause corrupted sectors when writing the image to disk.
  • Commodore formatted disks that required the use of the Retry Bad functionality would sometime lose count of the number of tracks on the disk and save to a .D64 file with the last track missing.


  • Completely rebuilt using better capture techniques.
  • Allows imaging of any GCR, FM, and MFM disks. Apple, Atari, Commodore, and PC disks are now officially supported for imaging along with additional metadata fields. Data repair routines and bit/nibble based image formats are still under construction for non-Apple disks.
  • Added support for imaging 40 track disks.


  • Fixed crash that could occur when imaging a 3.5" HD disk in a DD drive.


  • Changed flow for formatting blank disks. You now need to select the format from the "Format As…" dropdown and then press the "Format Disk" button.DISK WRITER 3.5
  • Fixed bug with Disk Writer not properly turning off the drive when encountering a fatal error while writing a disk.


  • Improved method of detecting the maximum number reachable tracks for a 5.25" drive that also provides more accurate results and checks for up to 45 tracks.
  • Fixed bug with ever accelerating progress indicators.
  • Check Disk function will no longer attempt other tests if it cannot read a disk since they would all fail anyway.
  • Better handling of write protected disks during the Check Drive function in Diagnostics.


  • Improved handling of FAT12 disks containing a partially corrupted directory. All non-corrupt data will be parsed. Better cleanup of invalid characters in volume names. Also fixed an issue with parsing directories that had an empty entry.
  • Support of 800K MFS disks has been added.
  • Will salvage any good data from a corrupted file on an Apple DOS 3.3/3.2 disk.


  • The Disk Analyzer can now perform sector-level comparisons of disk images. And if the disks are using a file system that Applesauce recognizes, then it will also allow file-level comparisons. Have 2 images of the same product and want to know if they are the same? This will quickly tell you.
  • Added support for loading IMG files of FAT disks. Loading of DiskCopy 4.2 images with an IMG extension also now supported.
  • Fixed an issue where loading WOZ files with an unknown file system would incorrectly export to a sector-based disk format like DSK, DO,
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when parsing an MFM track that contained no sectors.
  • .WOZ files weren't always unpacking properly when loading and could incorrectly show data errors around the loop point of a track.
  • Fixed colorizing issue with IBM sectors in the nibble stream view.
  • Fixed a UI issue that would occur when view resource forks of Mac and Apple II disks. After viewing an empty resource, it wouldn't allow you to view other resources.


  • Applesauce firmware has been updated to version 2.17.
  • Added support for quarter track stepping up through 40 tracks for 5.25 disks.
  • Head movement allowed through 45 tracks for 5.25 disks.
  • Improved performance of flux capturing routines.

For more information about the Applesauce hardware and the associated application, go to

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